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Take Back Your Yard, GardeN or Golf Course Today!

We are a Leesburg, VA family owned and operated business specializing in organic deer, geese, fox, small animal,  insect & pest exterior repellent services. Our products are child and pet safe!

Protect your Pets, Plants, Garden and Yard from:

- Deer
- Stink Bugs
- Termites
- Mosquitoes

- Squirrels
- Rabbits

- Ticks
- Ants
- Fox
- Geese

- Snakes 

- Fleas
- Wasps
- Japanese Beetles
House Crickets
- Fruit Flies

  As well as 500+ other pests and insects!
Golf Course Packages for Geese, Fox, Heron and Deer , as well as other custom packages can be created to fit all your needs!
Deer RS.jpg

"Deer Away is our Go-To subcontractor for deer, small animal and insect repellent. Would definitely recommend!"

Brian W.
(Owner, Property Services, LLC)


"Squirrels were chewing their way into our attic and nesting in our yard. We contracted with Deer Away and we have not seen a squirrel since! Saved us tons of money on the damage they were doing. "Highly Recommend!

Rodney S.
(Downtown Leesburg, VA)

mosquito photo.jpeg

"We get some standing water in our backyard that attracts tons of mosquitos. After to switching to Deer Away the mosquitos are gone and we can work and entertain from our back deck and yard again!"

Lori W.
(Leesburg, VA)

dog tick.jpg

"Deer Away helps prevent our flowers from deer AND treats our property for flea and ticks to protect our two dogs! Thanks!"

Laura J.
(Leesburg, VA)



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