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"Deer Away is our Go-To subcontractor for deer, small animal and insect repellent. Would definitely recommend!"

- Brian W. (Owner, Property Services, LLC)



"Squirrels were chewing their way into our attic and nesting in our yard. We contracted with Deer Away and we have not seen a squirrel since! Saved us tons of money on the damage they were doing. "Highly Recommend!

- Rodney S. (Downtown Leesburg, VA)

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"Since we've switched to Deer Away our flowers and garden have never looked better! The service and attention to detail is great!"

- Jackie S. (Leesburg, VA)

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"We get some standing water in our backyard that attracts tons of mosquitos. After to switching to Deer Away the mosquitos are gone and we can work and entertain from our back deck and yard again!"

- Lori W. (Leesburg, VA)

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"Deer Away helps prevent our flowers from deer AND treats our property for flea and ticks to protect our two dogs! Thanks!"

- Laura J. (Leesburg, VA)

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"Deer were rubbing and killing all my trees. Kept having to pay to replant them! Deer Away protects our trees and saves us money!" 

- Ken F. (Leesburg, VA)

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"We have three dogs who LOVE being outside! We have a package with Deer Away for deer, fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Havn't seen any since. Would recommend.

- Cathy P (Leesburg, VA)

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"We live on a golf course. Deer are brutal on my plants. Deer Away keeps them away! Have my recommendation. 

- Karen T (Leesburg, VA)

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"Deer Away makes it easy and simple to pay. No contract, pay monthly or yearly, and cancel anytime. We havn't, but nice to know were not locked in to something. Have enjoyed our experience."

- Joe D (Leesburg, VA)

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